reimagine waste

we connect polluted and disadvantaged communities in Asia with waste industry innovators and global leaders of sustainability.

less plastic in the ocean, brands acting responsibly and more revenue
for local communities.

it's that simple.


the crisis

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You might have heard - the ocean pollution crisis is obvious and we are running out of time. This is why we are tackling the issue where it's most urgent - on land and in Southeast Asia, where a rapidly expanding population struggles to find solutions to their growing waste management problems.
We are a social enterprise and place human-centered design and circular economy at the core of what we do and how we do it, as we believe our activity should actively contribute to improving the lives of the disadvantaged and to protecting the environment. 
Everyone, from local inhabitants and government, educators, circular economy players, sustainable development promoters, beach cleaners, recyclers, brands and many more play a crucial role for us to succeed. We invite you to explore below how we work with each of our stakeholders.

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Empowering coastal communities and island inhabitants to see their waste as an extra ordinary resource and growth opportunity for everyone

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Collaborating with innovative manufacturers and recyclers to turn any ocean-bound and beach waste into new meaningful products


Partnering with brands and corporates who reinvent their products and packaging, while showing their leadership in sustainability and CSR


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