Doing more good

In today’s anti-plastic and ban-plastic environment it is so easy to fall into the shaming and blaming game. At the core of our company we believe that tangible activities will change the course of plastic pollution and we are all about the doing, when it comes to finding actionable solutions. This is why we are designing durable and long term processes for the communities we work with (think in decades, not a few years).

To undertake such large issue as waste management, cooperation with diverse stakeholders is imperative, therefore we have created opportunities for brands, small and big, as well as multinational corporations to collaborate with us in order to deliver real and measurable impact - social and environmental. Governance and Corporate Citizenship are now two of the most important factors in a company’s reputation. If you want to deliver social and environment impact and show, not just in words, that you are committed to being a positive influence of society and responsible for actions towards the environment - get in touch and let’s discuss all the opportunities how we could deliver impact together.

Your customers love this planet - show them that you do too.


Get involved

- Sponsor our Beach & Inland Cleaning Teams

- Sponsor our School & Fishing Community Ambassadors

- Sponsor our Educational Programs

- Sponsor our Waste Awareness and Marketing campaigns

- Sponsor our MRF, Collection Vehicles & Remote Recycling Points

- Use our Recycled Materials in Your Products or Supply Chain

- Bring Your Team to our Pilot Island for a Corporate Event and Roll Up Your Sleeves

CSR and Sustainability

Within Ministry of Waste we strongly believe that Corporate Social Responsibility is an excellent way of value creation. It’s designed for brands and organisations looking for strategic or/and operational impact.

Through our CSR programs we share value with local island communities, government and stakeholders, develop human capital and integrate the diverse program parts deeply into our business strategy - to ensure its long term impact and operational transparency.

Get in touch to learn more.


The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

We are proud that all our enterprise activities are directly or indirectly contributing towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

While our main direct goals are 15. LIFE ON LAND and 14. LIFE BELOW WATER, we contribute elevating poverty by offering employment to the most vulnerable in our communities (waste pickers, marginalised community members) and do so through equality (1., 8., 10.). We create networks and collaborations in order to create innovation in infrastructure in developing countries (9.), as well as helping our communities to stay sustainable (11.), while raising awareness about responsible consumption and production (12.) and we can only do so through active collaborations and partnerships (17.).

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you want to discuss our SDG activities more in details!